Supa-Kill Granular bait is a natural food source to rodents and therefore is far more palatable.
The Granular bait is wheat impregnated with the active ingredient.
We recommend that the granular bait be used where there is little or no food competition e.g. dog food, rice, and wheat or bird seed.
This product can be used either for internal or external baiting, using a Supa-Kill Tamper Proof or Cardboard bait station.
Rat Poison

Supa-Kill 3kg & 10kg Grain Based Poison Bait

Reg. No. SA: L5198 Act 36/1947 Namibia: N-AR 1144

Effective against Warfarin resistant rats and mice, usually after a single feed.

Active Ingredient: BROMADIOLONE: 0.05 g/kg.

Ready-to-use, grain bait.

Controls: Roof rats, Norway rats and common house mice.