The Supa-Kill Block is a combined natural feed which has been compressed.
The block can be secured to the pin in the Tamper Proof Bait Station.
This prevents the rodent from moving the block and contaminating other food sources.
The block contains Bitrex which is an extremely bitter deterrent. This however does not affect the palatability where rodents are concerned as they cannot taste it.
The Supa-Kill Block can be used both internally and externally.

Supa-Kill 3kg & 10kg Blocks

Reg. No. SA: L6325Act 36/1947

Effective against Warfarin resistant rats and mice, usually after a single feed.

Active Ingredient BRODIFACOUM (anticoagulant…..0.05 g/kg)

Rat and Mouse Blocks

Controls: Roof rats, Norway rats and common house mice.